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As a community that shares the same faith, the school celebrated various religious events.

In celebration of the closing of the Year of Faith, the AFRA conducted a series of in-depth spiritual searching such as the symposium entitled New Evangelization for the Transmission of Christian Faith taken from the topic of the XIII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, Vatican City 2012. The symposium was conducted with the selected group of parents and guardians especially those who were staying at the school lobby and waiting for the dismissal of their children and wards, as well as the security guards and Expogen  maintenance personnel. These were conducted last July 24, August 14 and 16, September 18, and October 19, 2013 with an averageof 30 participants per day. The speakers/facilitators were Rev. Fr. Andrew P. Batayola, O.S.A., Fray Aimark P. Asor, O.S.A., and Dr. Angustia S. Segubre. The topics discussed were Jesus Christ: The Good News of God to Humanity, Deepening of Faith, Transmission of Faith, and Introduction of the Augustinian Rosary. Last October 1, 2013, the Augustinian Rosary, known as the Corona of Our Lady of Consolacion was launched and booklets about Augustinian Rosary were given to the students, personnel, and administrators.

Lectio Divina, a Latin word for divine, spiritual or holy reading was also introduced to the community. It represents a traditional Christian practice of prayer and scriptural reading. The Lectio Divina was first set in motion by AFRA last December 6, 2013 during the Friday mass with Fray Aimark P. Asor, O.S.A. as the speaker. The AFRA personnel themselves had their initial Lectio Divina in December 2013 while Dr. Angustia S. Segubre conducted the same to the Accounting personnel on January 21 and February 18, 2014 with the plan of holding it every month with different departments.

Further, to strengthen the religious involvement of the personnel through religious organizations, the St. Monica Guild and St. Alypius' Circle were launched last February 2014. The objectives of these organizations are to help families with social and economic difficulties, other personnel with situational problems and pressures that somehow keep them from practicing their faith. The organization also aimed at helping families stay together in the midst of trials and continuing to nurture and sustain one another through love, respect, and mutual support.

The St. Monica's Guild will be composed of married women from the different units of the community. They will be honed to become instruments of love, faith and payerfulness in order to sustain family values and spirituality with St. Monica as the model of Christian motherhood. On the other hand, St. Alypius' Circle is a religious organization to be composed of male teaching and non-teaching personnel who are willing to serve in the vineyard of the Lord, inspired by the teachins of Saint Augustine.

To preserve the recollection of spirit or the constant union of the soul with God, three things are necessary: solitude, silence and the recollection of the presence of God. Bearing this in mind, the AFRA, in collaboration with the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO), spearheaded an Advent Recollectioin last December 18, 2013 with Rev. Fr. Rodolfo A. Bugna, O.S.A. as the facilitator. The recollection focused on the language of love which enlightened the participants in their understanding of the different ways of expressing love to someone.

Moreover, the HRDO with the help of AFRA, conducted for the first time an overnight retreat intended for the 49 awardees this year on February 7 - 8, 2014, at Angel's Hills, Tagaytay City with Rev. Fr. Andrew P. Batayola, O.S.A., as the Retreat Master. It was more of a silent and reflective retreat that enabled the participants to communicate with God through their sharing and prayers. Everyone was touched when Fr. Andrew washed and kissed the feet of all 49 participants, just like what Jesus did to His twelve Apostles. It was a humbling experience that the participants will not forget throughout their lives.