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Thursday, 04 August 2011 05:40

In the middle of the logo directed towards the star is a white dove, which plays a big role in the life of Saint Nicholas, the Department's

patron saint. According to the beliefs, one of the friars cooked fried pigeon for him to eat so that he would not starve. In contrast, St. Nicholas rejected the offer and miraculously,

the pigeon was brought back to life. The other legend tells that when Saint Nicholas was once more asked to eat bread, like before, the bread turned into a dove, thus, becoming the symbol of Saint Nicholas.

Finally, a bright star can be seen on the topmost center of the emblem. It is said that the day Saint Nicholas was born, a star as bright as the sun appeared in the sky, similar to the one that appeared in Bethlehem when our Savior Jesus Christ was born. This symbol can also be seen on the pendant Saint Nicholas wears and the book he holds on images and statues of him.

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