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Pre School Department

The Preschool Department was part of the Colegio San Agustin since it started its operation in June 1985. There were 290 pupils in its first year of operation. The department continued to expand its structure as more pupils were added each year. Improving of curriculum was done in response to the needs of the pupils. Total enrollment peaked to 790 in academic year 1992-1993.

Appropriate measures were introduced to effectively manage the growing pupils’ populace and sustain the upgraded standard of instruction. Strict screening procedures were also implemented both for admission of pupils and hiring of faculty.

Trainings and seminars were continuously provided to equip faculty with the recent demand of early childhood education to help them become effective molder of young minds and hearts. Varied programs were offered to explore pupils in different areas of development.

At present, the department is engaged into Multiple Intelligence, which aims to fully develop the potentials of each child. It is learning while playing, developing skills and discovering one’s talents. Pupils’ abilities are considered in the learning process and that different strategies and techniques are carefully planned to appropriately respond to the individuality of each child.

The department is continuously in search of what is best for the wholesome growth and development of its clientele.


A Preschool excelling in the holistic formation of young minds and hearts who will become responsible Augustinians on the way to God.


Develop pupils' faith in God and enhance their multiple intelligence through Augustinian value - enriched programs, well -designed curriculum, effective instruction and relevant co-curricular activities.

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